Novilunio is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring a culture of positive change in the world of dementia and other neurodegenerative  conditions or acquired disabilities.

We advocate for the universal right to live a meaningful life regardless of one’s condition or diagnosis.

We raise awareness to end stigma and discrimination against people living with dementia and other neurocognitive conditions.

All our activities are based on a person-centred and humanistic approach that nurtures enablement, dignity, mental and physical wellbeing, as well as participation in the decisions that affect one’s life.

We value the lived experience of people who face the impact of a diagnosis or an acquired disability: their real life expertise and perspective guides us to co-design and co-create services and activities aimed at improving their everyday lives.

In collaboration with international organizations, medical institutions, and industry partners, we also design and develop experimental projects that promote the adoption of everyday technologies and other types of support to enable people with acquired disabilities to maintain the maximum level of autonomy and wellbeing.


Psychosocial activities

  • For individuals living with dementia and their families, we organize online peer-to-peer groups and post-diagnostic support activities that promote their personal resources and nurture  opportunities for wellbeing, growth, and solidarity.
  • For people at risk of mental ill health we offer a webinar programme focused on emotional awareness, self-compassion, personal growth, and non-violent communication.
  • For individuals living with acquired cognitive disabilities and speech impairment, we provide person-centred individual rehabilitative support, both online and in-person.
  • For groups of people with dementia and other conditions, we offer advocacy training aimed at promoting awareness and/or supporting to their personal or collective human rights.
  • For groups of people with neurocognitive disabilities, we offer courses that promote the use of everyday digital tecnologies to improve their autonomy, quality of life and social inclusion.
  • For our online community, we provide a helpline that offers reliable information and support as well as a web library with over 220 articles on acquired disabilities, neurodegenerative conditions, multi- and inter-disciplinary support,  human rights advocacy, and personal stories.

European projects

Since 2020 we are partners of the EU-funded Perseo project focused advancing our current understanding of social, legal and ethical issues associated with the uptake of personal robots. Our role in the project is to assist Doctoral candidates in developing skills and knoweldge that help them relate to the real life needs and expectations of people with dementia. Additional information about the PERSEO project is available here.

As partners of the EU-funded REMIND project (2018-2022), we contributed to creating an international and intersectoral network to facilitate the exchange of researchers and professionals to progress developments in reminding technologies deployed in smart environments specifically designed to address the needs of people with dementia. Additional informarion about the REMIND project are available here.

European Awards

In 2017 we won the EFID Award with the title “Valuing the expertise of people living with dementia”. This award acknowledged our work in respecting the autonomy, dignity and right to self-determination of people living with dementia. The awards was supported by the “European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia” (EFID), a collaboration between The Atlantic Philanthropies (IE), Fondation Médéric Alzheimer (FR), Robert Bosch Stiftung (DE), Genio Trust (IE) and the King Baudouin Foundation (BE) in the context of the Network of European Foundations (NEF).

Contact us

You can reach us by phone at +39 350 154 6221 or by email at info@novilunio.net.  Our social media contacts:  facebook: https://www.facebook.com/associazione.novilunio | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/associazione-novilunio-onlus

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