Novilunio is a non-profit association dedicated to inspiring a culture of change in the world of dementia in Italy.

Our person-centred and humanistic approach to living beyond a diagnosis of dementia has the objective of providing services, resources, and peer support systems that nurture enablement, dignity, and a good quality of life at any stage of the illness.

In collaboration with international organizations, medical institutions, and industry partners, we also design and develop experimental projects that promote the adoption of assistive technologies and home modifications to enable people with dementia to remain safe and independent in their own homes, while improving their social inclusion within their own communities.


Peer Support Groups and other activities

For individuals with dementia and their families, we organize online peer-to-peer groups and support activities that promote their personal resources and nurture  opportunities for enablement, growth, and solidarity.

For our online community of followers, we provide a helpline that offers reliable information and support as well as a web library with over 150 articles on dementia care and interventionhuman rights advocacy, and personal stories about living well with dementia.

Assistive technology consultancy

Our ecological approach to assistive technology helps individuals and their families to adopt assistive devices tailored to their personal and social resources, values and interests, as well as their level of digital literacy.

As partners of the EU-funded REMIND project, we contribute to creating an international and intersectoral network to facilitate the exchange of researchers and professionals to progress developments in reminding technologies deployed in smart environments specifically designed to address the needs of people with dementia. Additional informarion about the REMIND project are available here.

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